In the transition between age categories, there is a change of pace with a “mini-game” called downtime. This is to abstract the large passage of time, and add a little “PVP” to the game.

There are 5 turns in downtime, on each turn, one of 4 actions can be taken.

I: Enact schemes
Schemes are general plots and plans put into play that serve a primary RP or non-tangible purpose. These are plots of character assassination, trade disruption, and perhaps actual assassination. To enact a plan, a PC can uses and rolls IQ, DX, HT, or ST. Success means the plan has succeeded. If this plan is against a PC, they can roll against the plot using IQ, DX, HT, or ST, depending on the plot, and compare margin of successes.
If a play has selected to scheme on their turn they can help another schemer or defend themselves more effectively. When helping another schemer, roll a relevant skill and add half the margin of success to the aggressor or defender. When defending against a scheme, roll a SKILL against the active schemer

II: Manage Thralls
Managing Thralls represents civic and military governing of thralls and Vassals. This allows one to construct fleets, raise armies, move agents. There are 4 actions you can take. You can do IQ/3 of these actions. Depending on board position, these may require OTHER abstract items.

  • Construct Fleet/Raise army: You produce a fleet or army
  • Move Army/Fleet: Move a army 1 hex, or a fleet 3 hexes
  • Produce Agent: Produce a Knight, Mage, Magistrate, or Rogue (costs 1 CP)
  • Change the tax rate: Change the Tax rate from .1,.2, or .3

III: Manage Settlement
Managing a settlement involves production of buildings, harvesting of trade goods, and culture. There are 5 actions you can take. You can do IQ/3 of these actions

  • Construct Villages: Build a village, valued at 4000 $ (Maximum 6 per hex)
  • Develop City: Develop a city, valued at 10,000 $ (Requires 6 villages)
  • Develop Resources: Choose a village to harvest a resource
  • Develop Trade: Choose a village or city to produce a Trade skill (Villages give 1, cities give
  • Improve Settlement: Improve a settlement to produce more gold

IV: Enact Contract
This action allows one to engage in merchant contracts, form formal alliances with NPC’s, Improve diplomatic relations, and manage investments. There are X actions to take, and you can do You can do IQ/3 of these actions

  • Form a trade route to obtain x.3 a settlements value
  • Invest in a trade, city or guild
  • Host a cultural event
  • Form an alliance, declare war, or Non aggression pact.
  • Declare a Duel

Finally, every turn, players have the option of drawing from the Dragon deck, for a random effect.


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