extra experience gain

In addition to completing adventures, there are five ways to gain extra Character Points for use. These additional points come into effect at the beginning of the next adventure (but not, necessarily, the next game session.). These extra points will be independent to your dragon. At any given time, PC dragons might have wildly different point totals, due to these extra points.

1.) Horde
For every $4000 of GURPS dollar value in a dragons horde, the dragon gains 1 CP. The total is tallied up at the beginning of the next adventure.

2.) Territory
For every hex of a dragons territory, the dragon gains 3 CP. A dragon’s territory is as far as they can fly in one day, or the reach of their influence beyond that.

3.) Offspring
For every hatchling that survives to adulthood, the dragon gains 4 CP.

4.) Plots
For every plot initiated against a PC or NPC, a dragon gains 2 CP. On the completion of said plot, the Dragon gains 6 CP. A dragon can only have their IQ/4 plots like this active at any time (Though, plots for no CP benefit are still encouraged.)

4.) Random Draws and Challenges
Drawing for a random event or challenge may gain you extra CP. It also, however, may impose penalties or other status effect to the dragon, or the entire game world.

extra experience gain

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