Since the dawn of the world, there have been dragons.

Majestic, terrifying, almost divine creatures with a life span measured in centuries, and with enough power coiled in their bodies to bend the very bones of the earth to their will. They are supreme in all things of this earth. To face a dragon in battle is to face death itself.

But, this is not always true.

As powerful and as a dragon is, they still are of this earth. They must grow into their power, and a hatchling is as defenseless as any other infant. And even when their scales harden, and the first embers of dragon fire stir in their belly, they are still not invulnerable. Indeed, even if they were, dragons are notoriously independent and suspicious. The worst enemy a dragon can have is another dragon.

Survival goes only to the best, the most cunning, the most ruthless of dragons. You know this from birth, since you emerged from the shards of your egg into the bright, blinding light of day.

Go, young wyrm, and conquer, for you have the blood of dragons in your veins.

Blood of Dragons

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